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Progress report

I've been playing most of the weekend, although part of that was spent mucking about in Body Shop trying out a couple of experiments. There's a goodly amount of pics to vet and sort through (both general and pets-related) and so far, I've finished only with the general stuff. I started out with 50-something pics, but that's slowly going to get wittled down to a more managable number.

All this action is currently taking place in a test neighborhood. but, typical of the way I play, I couldn't resist getting everyone's skill levels up and I couldn't resist trying to get the pets to learn every command.

The reason for this test neighborhood was to see whether everything was working all right once the ep was installed. It's a good thing I did that because right after I installed Pets, this happened.

I can't wait for SimPE to be updated so I can export and package my pets, especially Kit's cats, who now have two kittens. As for Emil's two dogs and Isabel's cat, those are temporary --- I want to tweak them more once I establish a more permanent home for everyone.
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